Multi Component SMT Parts Kits

These SMT parts kits are extremely cost effective and convenient for new designs and prototyping requirements. The components are contained in strips of sealed carrier tape, which are clearly labeled with descriptions in human readable format. (See also: SMT Capacitor Kits and SMT Resistor Kits).

The surface mount component storage unit with 72 individually lidded compartments and customized labeling capability [shown at bottom of this page] must be purchased separately below.

How to purchase. For customer service call 1-519-651-3060.

SMT Parts Kit Engineers
Multi Component SMT Parts Kit for Engineers

resistors  +  capacitors  +  zener diodes

2,624 pieces total, over 150 different items in kit

in stock

P/N: 9000805EW          US $119.99  

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SMT Parts Kit Students
Multi Component SMT Parts Kit for Students

resistors  +  capacitors  +  zener diodes

902 pieces total, over 150 different items in kit

in stock

P/N: 9000805SW          US $89.99  

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Surface Mount Component Storage Unit  
Surface Mount Component Storage Unit    P/N: ENG-72

Specifically designed for surface mount component storage, this unit has 72 individually lidded compartments and customized labeling capability. ENG-72 includes a blank set of labels and free tweezers. Click here for larger image.

The multi component SMT parts kits sold above also come with a set of preprinted labels which you can use to label the compartments in this surface mount component storage unit. ENG-72 is great for storing 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402 size components. Each compartment can hold a minimum of 300 pieces of surface mount resistors or ceramic chip capacitors. Please make sure each lid closes tightly before closing the cover. A black foam pad which is inserted under the cover keeps all the lids closed and absorbs shocks from outside.

Outside dimensions: 8.7" (L) x 5.7" (W) x 1.5" (H).
Each compartment measures: 0.72" (L) x 0.657" (W) x 0.4" (D).

Item ships separately from our vendor via USPS Priority Mail and is available to customers in USA only. You must choose Ground under Shipping Method. No international shipping for ENG-72.

Usually ships within 2 business days.

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