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Micro Drill System 110-4105: Precision drilling, grinding and cutting.

Precision Drilling, Grinding and Cutting
The Micro-Drill is the ideal tool for precision drilling, grinding and cutting.

Tools and bits for use with Micro Drill System

Accessory Kit 110-4302 is sold separately
& includes Screw Mandrel, Threaded Mandrel,
Abrading Tips, Cutoff Disks & 8 Carbide Ball
Mills (1 each of sizes #1/2 thru #7). The 3/32" shaft fits the Micro Drill System hand piece.

Micro Drill System is a repair technician's dream and is ideal for milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and sanding circuit boards. You can use it to remove coatings, cut circuits, cut leads, drill holes, and perform many other procedures using various interchangeable bits available in the Accessory Kit which must be purchased separately below. The Micro Drill System hand piece accommodates a 3/32" shaft size (0.093").

Unlike most hand-held tools, the Micro Drill has a tiny, high speed DC motor in the hand piece, eliminating cumbersome drive cables and giving you better control. A separate power supply keeps the hand piece lightweight and reduces operator fatigue. The Micro Drill features high quality construction for doing delicate work and the quick change chuck makes for easy bit replacement. Base unit has controls for forward/reverse and speed up to 45,000 RPM. See larger image of Micro Drill System.

Don't forget to purchase the Accessory Kit which includes a selection of tools and bits for use with the Micro-Drill System. You can also buy individual Ball Mills etc. as needed below minimum order $50 + shipping.


Coating removal, grinding / scraping method.
How to repair blisters in circuit board base materials.
How to repair minor damage to circuit base board material.

Special Order. Usually ships within 3 business days. Ships From: Haverhill, MA, USA.

How to purchase. For customer service call 1-519-651-3060.

Micro Drill System, 120/230 VAC 110-4105 US $479.00 
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Accessory Kit 110-4302   US $54.95 
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Related Items Minimum order $50 + shipping
Image Description Part No., Price and Quantity
Abrading Tip, Rubber Abrading Tip, Rubber, 110-4602

Silicon carbide impregnated rubber tip for mild abrading. This item is used with the Micro-Drill System for removing coatings and general abrading.


$3.95 each

Abrading Tip, Stone Abrading Tip, Stone, 115-6064

This fine pointed, silicon carbide abrasive tip is perfect for precision grinding of overcoat and underlying circuitry. The 3/32" shaft fits the Micro Drill System hand piece.


$5.95 each

Ball Mill Pack 115-6000 Ball Mill Pack - Sizes #1/2 through #7, 115-6000

Pack includes Ball Mill sizes #1/2 (.027") through #7 (.083"). Carbide tipped ball mills make drilling damaged plated through holes and grinding away damaged baseboard material a snap. 3/32" shaft.


$31.95 pkg/8

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #1/4, .019" Diameter, 115-6025

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #1/2, .027" Diameter, 115-6050

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #1, .031" Diameter, 115-6001

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #2, .039" Diameter, 115-6002

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #3, .047" Diameter, 115-6003

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #4, .055" Diameter, 115-6004

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #5, .063" Diameter, 115-6005

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #6, .071" Diameter, 115-6006

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

  Ball Mill, Carbide, #7, .083" Diameter, 115-6007

3/32" shaft

$5.95 each 

Cutoff Disk 110-4622 Cutoff Disk, 110-4622

Disk is 7/8" diameter x .023" thick silicon carbide for easy cutting of circuit board base material. Fits the 110-4502 Screw Mandrel.


$2.95 pkg/4

Screw Mandrel 110-4502 Screw Mandrel, 110-4502

Use in handpieces to hold cutoff discs, brushes and polishing wheels.

This mandrel supports the 110-4622 Cutoff Disk. The 3/32" shaft fits the Micro Drill System hand piece.


$5.95 each

Threaded Mandrel 110-4504 Threaded Mandrel, 110-4504

For use with rubberized abrasives tips.

This mandrel supports the 110-4602 Rubber Abrading Tip. The 3/32" shaft fits the Micro Drill System hand piece.


$5.95 each


Products above ship direct from manufacturer and are special order/non-returnable. Will ship within 3 business days.

Part Numbers: 110-4105, 110-4302, 110-4602, 115-6064, 115-6000, 115-6025, 115-6050, 115-6001,
115-6002, 115-6003, 115-6004, 115-6005, 115-6006, 115-6007, 110-4622, 110-4502, 110-4504, 115-6000

ELAB (Engineering Lab)    Phone: 1-519-651-3060    Ships From: Haverhill, MA 01835 USA

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